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Topflight Design

Producing high quality design

There are many important design principles, but how much of that do you actually care about as a business owner? If you were interested in the how-to, you would be a designer.

Things you may be interested in:

How can you better communicate with your clients?

How can you raise the level of communication between yourself, your clients, and your suppliers?

How can you improve your marketing and thus increase your profit margin?

Topflight Design will complete a presentation that catches the eye and attracts viewers, all while communicating clearly your message. Through our unique design process, we will invoke a specific feeling within your client that results in them wanting to know more about you and what you can do for them.

We accomplish this through personal interaction with you and your business. A representative will work with you to get the look, message, and feel that you seek in order to raise the level of communication between yourself and your clients.

Steps of Higher Communication

Determining your wants and needs and how Topflight Design can best assist you is the first step in raising the levels of communication.

Research into your company, your rival companies, and those you service will yield a great deal of information on how best to address the current level of communication so that a creative and concise marketing strategy can be developed.

Design roughs will be created based upon input recieved from you and our research and then combined with our own unique design experience to produce a quality draft. Changes will be made based upon your opinions regarding the final product. As much as some designers might like to produce something a set way, it is your money and you have the final say. Our designers are there to assist and advise you throughout the design process.

Once final approval on the design has been made, control of the product will be transfered to you upon final payment for services rendered. Hard copies will be included in CD format and web-based products will be uploaded to a location of your choosing.

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